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If you own an exotic or luxury vehicle we have a unique opportunity for you.  Enrolling your vehicle into our rental program is a great way to earn passive income.
Exotic cars will only depreciate in value over time.Your Ferrari isn’t going to make you money while it sits in your garage.You’ll lose money whether you drive daily, weekly, or even once a year.This is why you should consider enrolling your vehicle into our program.

Vehicle managers enjoy monthly vehicle reports, performance evaluations, and monthly payments.

We deal with the hassle and logistics of renting out your vehicle to qualified clients.We take care of your vehicle as if it was our own.Leave your vehicle with us for six months at a time and enjoy the benefits of vehicle management while we do the work for you.

This means you can stop worrying about your expensive car payments.Our vehicle managers often make enough profit to cover their monthly payments plus some.

Put your depreciating asset to work by adding your vehicle to our fleet.
If interested in purchasing a vehicle for our program please reach out to us for consultation.
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You own a perfect luxury or exotic car but now it’s just sitting in your garage. What if we tell you that your incredibly amazing and expensive car can make you money under your ownership?

Dream Prestige's club introduces you a way by which you can own the latest exotic car and earn a good amount of profit too. The popularity of our vehicle management program is surging day by day owing to the incrementing benefits of the shared economy.

We offer our customers a wide range of aesthetic and luxurious rental options such as Lamborghini rental, Bugatti rental, Ferrari rental, Rolls Royce rental, McLaren rental, and more exotic car rentals where Lamborghini and Ferrari’s models are the most demanding and expensive one.

So, if you still doubt that how I can rent out my car or how to Airbnb my car then our team is ready to assist you with proactive approaches.​RENT OUT YOUR EXOTIC CAR AND EARN PASSIVE INCOME Such sophisticated and rare services are making us the prestigious exotic car company we are today in Miami.Our vehicle management services have a vast collection of luxurious vehicles with incredibly successful feedback.

This service is available for everyone from the common man to well-known celebrities. Our vehicle management program offers multiple unmatched services such as overall performance evaluation, monthly reports, and passive monthly payment. Dream Prestige's club is offering a prestigious opportunity for luxury car owners as Miami is extremely on-demand and preferred by folks as a vacation destination.

There’s always have been a potential scope in Miami for people to list their cars with incredibly simple processes.

Firstly, the owners can lend their cars at mph club where we carefully deal with the logistics of your rented car by considering its worth and your utmost trust towards us.We also look after its evaluation and overall marketing to rent out your valuable car to our qualified and sincere customers.

Our fleet management service can turn out your life towards another venture and paradigm shift as most of the available cars at Dream Prestige's club can rent out for almost $1000-$2000 per day.

The generated revenue is then divided between the owner of the car and Dream Prestige's club by 50% respectively. We enable you to not have an expensive liability but a valuable asset that can increase your revenue day by day without being afraid of depreciation.​

IS LIKE AIRBNB FOR LUXURY AND EXOTIC CARS Proved to be a remarkable experience for them. Whether our clients desire to have to lavish Bugatti, luxurious Ferrari, or fabulous Lamborghini they should know that we’re capable of making their tour an extraordinary and memorable one. Our collection of the latest and diversified cars can easily match your interest and occasion. Services Dream Prestige's club ensures that our customers are enjoying the thriller and lavishing drive and our rental carWe’re strengthening the communities by reflecting our brand loyalty and integrity.

Dream Prestige's club believes to serve the customers with excellent communication skills and a humble attitude. As the largest and best car rental company in Miami and the US, we focus on sustainability and fostering innovative strategies.

We are also open to market-driven solutions and offering the most proficient services to our clients as compared to our competitors.​Fascinatingly, our clients can easily avail of our profound and reasonable membership program for the biggest collection of exotic cars in Miami.

Our whole process is transparent so If you still doubt offering your vehicle or still ponder how to make money with the car then our team is 24/7 available for consultation and answers to your queries.

Our team makes every single effort to help you choose the perfect deal with us with maximum monthly profit. So, let us help you to have the most flexible and enthusiastic vehicle management services!

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